He visited me in my dreams last night. I was so elated to see him. I abandoned the conversation I was in and ran to him, jumping into his arms. I rubbed his shoulders, his back. He laid down on the couch face down, exhausted. I laid down on his back, pressing my entire body against his, speaking my love to him over and over and over again as he rested.

I awoke.

When I went back to sleep he was there again. This time, he had pulled up to the front of my house and had just gotten out of his car. I looked out of the kids’ room window and saw him standing in the yard, waving up at me. My heart leapt with joy. I waved back.

And then I awoke again… longing for him even more than I have been.

Through each of these dreams, he never spoke a word.

What I wouldn’t give to hear his voice again.

I miss you, honey.